💖 Loving Yourself 💖

What does Loving Yourself mean?


Loving yourself means you accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. You understand the things you can change about yourself and the things you can’t change, and you work with that. You know that being your own unique individual self is your greatest gift, and you use that to your advantage. Things are not always going to be “peaches and cream,” and we all go through different phases in our lives; some of us have children, some have demanding work schedules, and we tend to forget the importance of self-care. Your appearance says a lot about you, and as women, we tend to put on a mask and smile rather than show vulnerability, which does nothing but put a band-aid on wounds that need air to heal truly. To love yourself means you give yourself a chance to be vulnerable and work through any issues you may be having. Women have often been labeled as Superheroes, and we damn sure earned that title, but what’s a superhero without that cape? Your inner happiness is your cape.


 Take 20 minutes per day to focus on YOU. Stop everything, remove all distractions, and breathe in and out. Think about your wants, think about your needs, and your expectations for yourself! You owe yourself that.


What is your definition of loving yourself? 



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